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Tecna Natural Colour Care - Soft Toffee - 125mL - Natural Colour Care

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Tecna Natural Colour Care Soft Toffee 125ml - Coloured Mask Toffee

Natural Colour Care is a line of instant dyes on a conditioning acid-pH base, suitable to colour natural hair and maintain, revive and protect the colour from oxidation.
The formula is completely free of ammonia and derivatives, and any form of oxidiser. It respects the structure of the hair, while it is also suitable for those who are intolerant of substances contained in traditional oxidation colours.
Its rapid action guarantees the product to adhere optimally to the hair with reduced developing times (from 3 to 15 minutes). Suitable for natural, coloured, lightened and treated hair. The formula contains specific ingredients to improve brown and gold highlights for colours from 4 to 10.

- Quick and easy application.
- Conditioning base with acid pH.
- Formula free from ammonia and derivatives.
- Maximum respect for the hair.

Panthenol: Known for its moisturising properties, Panthenol is famous for its extraordinary emollient and soothing activities.
Hydrolysed Keratin: Provides moisturising benefits for both hair and the scalp. Its microstructure is more easily absorbed.
Wheat Amino Acids: Conditions and protects the hair and skin. Their low molecular weight allows better penetration into the hair.

Natural Colour Care is a semi-permanent colouring lasting 6-10 washes, depending on the type of hair on which it is applied.
The dyes of Natural Colour Care adheres to the structure of the hair and binds by modifying the natural or cosmetic reflection.

Perfect for:
Colour care: On coloured hair, it maintains the chosen oxidation colour unaltered.
Application combined with NCC: On the lengths and ends, apply Natural Color Care to reactivate the colour without further stressing hair with an alkaline colour.
Subjects who are allergic or sensitive to oxidation: The formulation is also suitable for people who are particularly sensitive to classic colours.
Subjects with natural hair: Those who do not want to change their overall natural colour but want to improve and shine their natural hair with brown and golden shades.
Covering white hair: To correct and cover the first signs of white hair. Natural Colour Care reduces the natural grey tones of gradually greying hair.
Toning: Natural Colour Care creates beautiful natural/brown/golden effects when lightening.