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Tecna Australia

NCC Gentle Wash Shampoo - 750mL - Tecna Wash & Cond

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The Tecna Gentle Wash is a professional moisturising shampoo suitable for natural or treated hair. It makes the hair and scalp healthier through its mild cleansing action while preventing the impoverishment of hair and improves hair manageability. It enhances the shine, body and softness of the hair.
This is a specific cleanser for pre-treatments. It regulates the excessive sebum secretions and removes toxins and silicon sediments from setting products. It removes impurities and residuals and enhances the brilliance and body of the hair. It reestablishes the optimal hydration levels and prepares your hair to receive the conditioner treatment. It leaves your hair pleasantly perfumed with its fresh and natural fragrance, including ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and coconut oil.

USE: Apply a rich amount of product on wet hair and massage gently into the scalp and lengths. Rinse off and repeat if necessary. Continue with the Conditioning treatment for optimal results.