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Tecna Australia

Tecna P8 Complex - 125mL - Tecna Colour Additive

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The P8 Complex is a blend of essential oils, vitamin B5 and protein components, whose task is to reduce skin sensitivity during treatments with chemical products at prolonged exposure times, without altering the final result.
It can be applied directly to the skin to be protected or mixed with colouring and bleaching products.
As a prevention method for professionals, it can be applied to the hands as a defence from the aggression of chemicals and water, preventing redness and cracking of the skin.

- Reduces skin sensitivity during the exposure time of alkaline-based treatments.
- Prevents redness, burning and tearing of sensitive skin.
- Anti-stain function.
- Great to protect the hands of professionals.

Directions for use:
Apply directly to the forehead, temples, ears and neck to prevent redness or staining, or mix directly with colouring or lightening products.
Apply to the hands as a protective agent before putting on gloves.