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Tecna Australia

SPA Q10 Sublime Spray - 125mL - Tecna

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An ultra-light spray for luxurious hair and scalp protection.

We protect our skin from the sun with SPF, so why don't we protect our hair? Avoid being outdoors without protecting your hair from sunlight with this ultra-light spray. It has a pleasant scent and creates invisible protection against all aggressive environmental factors.

Suitable for use at any time of the year.
It makes the hair velvety and soft.
Provides protection against aging, prevents the negative effects of ultraviolet rays in the long and medium wave ranges.
Neutralises the dehydrating impact of saltwater.
Repairs hair, leaving it soft and smooth.

Directions for use:
1. Spray hair and body during and after sun exposure
2. If necessary, the product can be reapplied.